Emiliano Cortés


Our group explores the nexus of physics, chemistry, and material science, specializing in the discovery of novel nanomaterials and innovative methods for studying energy conversion, transport, and storage. At the forefront of our exploration into new energy materials, we specialize in the development of advanced optical, electrical and thermal nanomaterials rooted in metals, semiconductors, 2D materials, single-atoms and carbon-based materials. In particular, our research has a strong focus on plasmonic and photonic solutions in the realms of catalysis and energy management. A key facet of our research centers on optimizing the properties of all of these materials to enhancing energy technologies and fostering a sustainable future. Finally, our innovation extends to exploring cutting-edge optical solutions, seeking to revolutionize the monitoring, enhancement, and transformation of energy conversion materials and processes.

Key publications:

Plasmonic bimetallic two-dimensional supercrystals for H2 generation, Matias Herran, S. Juergensen, M. Kessens, D. Hoeing, A. Köppen, A. Sousa-Castillo, W. J. Parak, H. Lange, S. Reich, F. Schulz, E. Cortés, Nat. Catal. 20236(12), 1205–1214.

Impact of bimetallic interface design on heat generation in plasmonic Au/Pd nanostructures studied by single-particle thermometry, J. Gargiulo, L. P. Martinez, R. Grzeschik, F. D. Stefani, M. Herran, I. L. Violi, A. Sousa-Castillo, S. Ezendam, M. Barella, H. Giesler, S. Schlücker, S. A. Maier, E. Cortés, Nat. Commun. 202314, 3813.

Light-activated catalysts point the way to sustainable chemistry, E. Cortés, Nature 2023614, 230–232.

Potential Alignment in Tandem Catalysts Enhances CO2-to-C2H4 Conversion Efficiencies, M. Liu, Q. Wang, T. Luo, M. Herran, X. Cao, W. Liao, L. Zhu, H. Li, A. Stefancu, Y.-R. Lu, T.-S. Chan, E. Pensa, C. Ma, S. Zhang, R. Xiao,E. Cortés, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2024146(1), 468–475.

Spatial Distributions of Single-Molecule Reactivity in Plasmonic Catalysis, S. Ezendam, J. Gargiulo, A. Sousa-Castillo, J. B. Lee, Y. S. Nam, S. A. Maier, E. CortésACS Nano 202418(1), 451–460.