Anthoula Papageorgiou

Surface Science of Organic Molecules

Our research targets the down-to-the-atom understanding of catalytic surfaces and reactions. We investigate molecular and supramolecular chemical reactions occurring on surfaces in ultra-high vacuum. Our ongoing studies focus on the properties of single metal atoms hosted by porphyrins on solid surfaces, functionalisation with metal carbenes and nanoscale templating of planar catalytic surfaces. A key component of our investigations is the atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopy real space visualisation of reactants, intermediates and products of chemical reactions, combined with an array of spectroscopic analyses (including X-ray/UV spectroscopies and desorption spectroscopy) to provide unparalleled mechanistic insight.

Key publications:

Rotation in an enantiospecific self-assembled array of molecular raffle wheels, D. Meier, A. Adak, P. Knecht, J. Reichert, S. Mondal, N. Suryadevara, K. S. Kumar, K. Eguchi, M. K. Muntwiler, F. Allegretti, M. Ruben, J. V. Barth,* S. Narasimhan,* and A. C. Papageorgiou*, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., DOI: 10.1002/anie.202107708.

Assembly and manipulation of a prototypical N-heterocyclic carbene with a  metalloporphyrin pedestal on a solid surface, P. Knecht, B. Zhang, J. Reichert, D. A. Duncan, M. Schwarz, F. Haag, P. T. P. Ryan, T.‑L. Lee, P. S. Deimel, P. Feulner, F. Allegretti, W. Auwärter, G. Médard, A. P. Seitsonen, J. V. Barth, A. C. Papageorgiou*, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2021, 143, 4433–4439.

Conformational control of chemical reactivity for surface-confined Ru-porphyrins, P. Knecht, J. Reichert, P. S. Deimel, P. Feulner, F. Haag, F. Allegretti, M. Garnica, M. Schwarz, W. Auwärter, P. T. P. Ryan, T.-L. Lee, D. A. Duncan, A. P. Seitsonen, J. V. Barth,* A. C. Papageorgiou*, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2021, 60, 16561–16567.