Martin Stutzmann

Surface Functionalization for Photochemical Reactions

In close collaboration with other groups from the CRC we work on the development of integrated photocatalytic devices based on wide bandgap semiconductors such as GaN, ZnO and related GaInZnON alloys. One aim is to use GaN-based nanostructures such as nanowires or nanogrids with a large effective surface area monolithically integrated on commercial high efficiency InGaN light emitting diodes. These nanostructures ideally can act as optical antennas funneling light towards photocatalytic molecules attached to their surface and, at the same time, serve as electrodes providing charge carriers necessary to drive catalytic oxidation or reduction reactions. In addition, we investigate fundamental steps of optically induced chemical reactions on the surfaces of wide bandgap semiconductors and try to adjust the relevant energy levels of the corresponding conduction and valence bands to relevant redox levels by doping and alloying using advanced molecular beam growth techniques.