Talk by Prof. Stephen L. Buchwald


Lecture title: Asymmetric Hydrofunctionalization Processes for Organic Synthesis

When: December 3rd, 1:00 pm

Where: Dept. of Chemistry, Hans-Fischer lecture hall CH21010

The CRC and the Dept. of Chemistry are proud to announce a scientific presentation by our guest, Stephen L. Buchwald (MIT). With ca. 500 scientific publications and an h-index of 146 he certainly is one on world's most renown experts in the field of homogeneous catalysis, with particular aim to the catalyzed formation of carbon-element bonds, as well as to sophisticated ligand design.

Link to the webpage of Prof. Buchwald's team 



The availability of a general method for the catalytic conversion of olefins into enantiomerically enriched amines has eluded chemists for decades. We have recently developed a simple coppercatalyzed technique to effect such a transformation. This lecture will describe our progress, applications of our methodology as well as our current view of the mechanism of the hydroamination process. In addition, we will describe our progress in developing new catalytic processes for carboncarbon bond formation that utilize alkyl copper intermediates.